Changing Lives in El Paso & Southwestern NM since 1989

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Board Meeting - Celebration October 16,
Noon at the Trinity Baptist Church,
1 Old Railroad Dr, High Rolls
All Pilgrims, Sponsors, Team Members and Community are invited

From Alamogordo, head east on 82 towards Cloudcroft,

in 8.9 miles make a sharp left onto Old Firehouse Rd. 

That road will end in 0.4 miles and it comes out right at the church. 

We will be in the upper metal  building, not the church building

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Welcome to Borderlands Emmaus Community!

The Borderlands Emmaus Community encompasses a vast geographical area from the tip of Texas through to the valleys and mountains of Southern New Mexico. We are a diverse group of individuals from every walk of life and all denominations.  But in spite of our differences and the miles that separate us; we are a close-knit and loving community brought together by our love for our Lord and desire to share Him with others.

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Emmaus is designed for adults, while Chrysalis is designed for younger people ages

16-24 year olds. 

Both Emmaus and Chrysalis begin with a three-day cloistered weekend at Sacramento Camp

& Conference Center in

Sacramento, New Mexico.

Following the initial three days, participants join or form small groups 
to support each other in their ongoing walk with Christ.

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Prayer Vigil

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"When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I will listen." 

- Jeremiah 29:12



My experience with Emmaus as a pilgrim was deeply profound, as I learned something about myself and my walk with God I never would have seen/known otherwise.  My experiences as an Assistant Spiritual Director have been filled with great joy watching the Holy Spirit minister to those present and seeing the power of prayer in action.


My expectations of my Walk were the desire to learn more, to participate in companionship, to know more about God.  What I did not expect was the overwhelming love that I felt for the entire 3 1/2 days.  Love was everywhere in the teams, in the other Pilgrims, in the entire experience.  I lost “myself” in the weekend and found “myself” in Love of Christ.  My life will never be the same.  Thank you, God.


My Walk to Emmaus allowed me to experience the unconditional love of Christ in a way that strengthened my desire to serve my church and share that love.  Since then the Emmaus community has continued to develop my Christian leadership and refreshed my desire to serve as the hands and feet of Christ for others.


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